Technology is in the process of completely transforming all aspects of 4 industries – construction, medicine, retail, and transport – with a significant reduction in the need for human labor. Here is the impact on the Transport Industry: 

  • The return of electric-motorized vehicles (invented in 1884; by the early 1900s, nearly 40% of American cars were electric) will decimate the current car industry infrastructure (dealers, maintenance and repair, gas stations). Nearly 20 major countries have expressed the intent to phase out combustion engines.
  • The development of autonomous vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, trains, ships, and aircraft) will increase travel safety, while not requiring human control – once the government regulatory issues have been resolved.
  • Vehicle sharing/renting (Uber, Lyft) will reduce car ownership, especially in cities, which will reduce the need for parking spaces, freeing up large areas for pedestrian traffic. Garages will be turned into mini-apartments. A significant percentage of millennials are forgoing getting their driver licences.  
  • High-speed inter-city travel (via trains or hyperloop tunnels) will enable long distance commuting.
  • The time for Inter-continental travel will also be greatly reduced (hyperloop, space travel).
  • Flying taxis will start operating in a few cities world-wide in 2020.
  • Elon Musk has innovative businesses involving many of the above: Tesla (autonomous electric vehicles), Solar City (batteries), The Boring Company (tunnels for hyperloop travel), Space X (hyperloop, inter-continental travel).

The technologies involved in the above include electric motors, energy storage (electric car batteries), AI (autonomous operation), hyperloop (inter-city travel), drones (flying taxis), reusable space shuttles (inter-continental travel), virtual reality (travel booking)..

The number of jobs in the Transport Industry will be significantly reduced:

  • Autonomous operation will eliminate the need for truck and train drivers and couriers (including fast food delivery drivers), and reduce the need for ship crews and aircraft pilots.
  • Electric cars will reduce the need for car salespeople, distributorships, and mechanics.



The future of autonomous driving technology (AI/Autonomous Vehicles – 2018-06 – TechRepublic)

New autonomous pods move in swarms to improve public transportation (AI/Autonomous Vehicles – 2018-02 – Dubai Media Office)

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UPS has been using self-driving trucks to deliver cargo (Transport/Autonomous Vehicles - 2019-08 - Big Think)

UPS is working with autonomous trucking San Francisco startup TuSimple on a pilot project delivering supply-chain cargo along a 115-mile stretch between Tucscon and Phoenix, Arizona using self-driving trucks with a safety driver and engineer, who likely will be needed until late 2020. TuSimple installs 9 cameras and 2 LIDAR sensors in Navistar trucks.

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Waymo's self-driving system has driven 10 billion virtual miles (Transport/Autonomous Cars - 2019-07 - Engadget)

The 10 million miles Waymo’s self-driving vehicles have driven in the real world is dwarfed by the 10 billion virtual miles in simulations of multiple real driving scenarios. Thus its self-driving technology learns without the risk of causing road traffic accidents.

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Autonomous cars may replace a lot of air travel (Transport/Autonomous Cars - 2019-06 - Fast Company)

As the comfort and safety of driverless cars become more accepted, a research study showed how people will choose them to replace air travel – or to cut out layovers.

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Volvo's autonomous electric truck to start moving cargo in a Swedish port (Transport/Autonomous Trucks - 2019-06 - TechCrunch)

The Vera autonomous, electric truck from Volvo’s trucking subsidiary is totally self-driving. Its inaugural job: Moving goods packed in cargo trailers from a logistics center to a port terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Airbus is ready for pilotless jets (Transport/Autonomous Planes - 2019-06 - CTV)

Airbus has the technology to fly passenger planes without pilots at all – and is working on winning over regulators and travelers to the idea. Airbus hopes to be selling hybrid or electric passenger jets by around 2035.

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The USPS is testing self-driving trucks for hauling mail (Transport/Autonomous Trucks - 2019-05 - Wired)

18-wheeler self-driving trucks built by startup TuSimple will haul trailers full of mail and packages for a USPS test with a certified driver and safety engineer aboard. The pilot project will last two weeks and include five round trips between Phoenix and Dallas distribution hubs. The USPS is working with the University of Michigan on a self-driving truck to handle rural routes.

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Panasonic is preparing for a future where most drivers don't own cars (Transport/Autonomous Cars - 2019-04 - TechRepublic)

Panasonic is preparing for a future where autonomous and electric cars upend the auto industry, and most cars are sold to ride-sharing companies like Uber or Lyft, who are already placing large orders with the same specifications. Car ownership is reducing substantially amongst millennials, especially those living in cities. Costs are being reduced by integrating more components into a single module.

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Singapore university partners with Volvo to pilot a full-size autonomous electric bus (Autonomous Buses - 2019-03 - ZDNet)

Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University and Volvo Buses have launched a driverless electric bus stretching 12 metres long that can accommodate 80 passengers.

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LG Uplus and Hanyang successfully trial 5G autonomous car in Seoul (AI/Autonomous Cars - 2019-03 - ZDNet)

LG Uplus and Hanyang University have successfully trialled their 5G-connected autonomous vehicle, which rode on the streets of Seoul alongside regular cars. The vehicle rode through roads with heavy traffic, driving 8 km in 25 minutes, while changing lanes and reacting to cars cutting through traffic.

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Muji’s autonomous bus hits the road in Finland (Autonomous Buses - 2019-03 - Fast Company)

Finnish vehicle manufacturer Sensible 4 has developed, Gacha, the first autonomous minibus that can navigate both city streets and small, unmarked suburban roads under all imaginable weather and lighting conditions.

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Flying taxis will be operational in the 2020s (Flying Taxis - 2019-02 - MIT Technology Review)

In the 2020s, many small autonomous, electric airborne vehicles may be operational, especially on city-center-to-airport routes. Some are drone-like, with 4-18 rotors. Most are fixed-wing craft with propellers that point upwards for vertical takeoff and landing, and tilt forward for flight.

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Rolls-Royce has demonstrated the world’s first fully autonomous ferry in Finland. (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-12 - VentureBeat)

Rolls-Royce has publicly demonstrated what it calls the “world’s first fully autonomous ferry” on a trip between Parainen and Nauvo in Finland. The British company partnered with Finnish state-owned Finferries in May 2018 to optimize ship safety and efficiency through developing and demonstrating autonomous ferry technologies. An auto-docking system enables the ferry to alter its speed and course when coming into port.

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Waymo One is the world’s first self-driving taxi service (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-12 - FastCompany)

A description of what it’s like to drive in an autonomous car with the Waymo User Interface.

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A self-driving car that delivers packages to homes and businesses (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-12 - Business Insider)

The company behind Walmart’s giant self-service kiosks has developed a self-driving car that delivers packages to homes and businesses. The car uses a robotic arm to place the packages in pickup lockers outside homes and businesses. Eventually, it will be able to deliver to mailboxes and pickup towers as well.

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Over 1 million electric cars sold in the U.S. (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-12 - ScienceBlog)

2017 worldwide sales of plug-in electric vehicles were 1,227,117 with U.S. sales of 199,826 (+26% over 2016). For Jan-Nov 2018, U.S. sales were 312,877 (+80%).

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First autonomous freight train network fully operational (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-12 - Ars Technica)

Major mining corporation Rio Tinto’s autonomous train system in Western Australia has logged >1 million km since July 2018. Trains serve 14 mines, delivering to 4 port terminals, and remotely monitored from Perth. The system reduces the number of stops to change drivers, and runs 6% faster.

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Waymo to start first driverless car service in December 2018 (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-11 - Bloomberg)

Waymo is planning to launch the world’s first commercial driverless car service in early December, operating under a new brand, and competing directly with Uber and Lyft. It will start small—perhaps dozens of authorized riders in the suburbs around Phoenix, covering about 100 square miles. Waymo cars have driven 10 million miles since 2009, with manual intervention only required after about 5,000 miles.

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Ford wants to launch a fleet of thousands of self-driving cars in 2021 (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-11 - MIT Technology Review)

Ford’s driverless rides could be less than half the price of today’s ride-share journeys, if the cars were used day and night and carried interactive adverts. They are talking about launching tens of thousands vehicles, profitably. Their autonomous-vehicle service will involve fleet management software, dispatch, routing, and payment systems; a diverse group of delivery customers; and digital content and services for passengers – likely involving commercial sponsorship and in-car advertising.

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Driverless buses will transform business travel at airports (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-11 -

KT Corp. is using 5G technology to bring autonomous buses to South Korea’s Incheon International Airport. During the test, the self-driving bus was able to slow down at traffic lights and change lanes on its own, while driving 2.2 kilometers at 30 kph.

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Volvo is going to use autonomous trucks to haul stone out of a mine in Norway (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-11 - MIT Technology Review)

Six autonomous trucks will transport limestone the five-kilometer (three-mile) route through tunnels between a mine owned by a local firm and a processing facility at a nearby port.

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Autonomous trucks don't need a cab, which makes them far more efficient to drive (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-11 - Wired)

The Swedish trucking start-up, Einride, is running its all-electric, cab-less truck on a commercial route – moving pallets of goods between warehouses. The absence of a cab means weight-saving, a more aerodynamic design, and more room for batteries.

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Waymo to launch ride-hailing service with self-driving vehicles (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-10 - TechCrunch)

Alphabet’s self-driving car company Waymo’s autonomous vehicles have driven 10 million miles in 25 U.S. cities, and 7 billion miles in simulation of challenging situations. It will shortly launch a commercial ride-hailing service with fleets of self-driving vehicles.

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Rolls-Royce partners with Intel to bring autonomy to ships (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-10 - ZdNet)

Rolls-Royce’s Intelligent Awareness System will serve as the ‘eyes and ears’ of shipping vessels, which can detect objects several kilometers away. Some, but not all, vessel classes, such as tug boats and some ferries, could be controlled by land-based crews.

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Waymo 1st company in California to test autonomous cars on public roads (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-10 - San Francisco Chronicle)

Waymo is the first company in California allowed to test <40 fully-autonomous cars to drive both day and night on city streets, rural highways and highways with posted speeds up to 65 mph. Show full article

Volvo unveils all-electric, autonomous truck without a cab (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-09 - Electrek)

Volvo Trucks has built a new all-electric and autonomous truck without a cab called Vera, primarily for urban transport.

Show full article

Autonomous vehicles could charge themselves (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-09 - MIT Technology Review)

A start-up, ‘WiTricity’, will use magnetic resonance to wirelessly charge autonomous vehicles. Electricity is fed into a copper coil on the ground, creating a magnetic field. A 2nd copper coil under the vehicle creates electricity, when it comes within range of the 1st coil, which is used to charge the car’s battery pack.

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Germany launches world's first autonomous tram (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-09 - The Guardian)

The world’s first autonomous tram, 65-feet-long, was developed by Siemens and launched in Potsdam, west of Berlin. Fitted with multiple radar, lidar (light from a laser), and camera sensors, forming digital eyes that film the tram and its surroundings, the tram reacts to trackside signals and can respond to hazards faster than a human.

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The world's first self-driving grocery delivery cars (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-08 - FastCompany)

In San Jose, California, you can now get groceries delivered by a self-driving car from the start-up AutoX. Currently, there is a backup driver inside. The order is in the trunk, with extra food to buy in the backseat.

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Self-driving shuttles hit Detroit streets (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-08 - Detroit Free Press)

Self-driving shuttles begin service June 27, 2018 in downtown Detroit, carrying Bedrock employees among the company’s offices, parking lots and other destinations. It’s the first commercial use of self-driving shuttles on public streets in the United States, according to May Mobility and Bedrock. The five six-seat electric shuttles will have human attendants to monitor the vehicles and explain the service to passengers.

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Waymo’s self-driving cars will serve as a link to public transit (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-07 - MIT Technology Review)

Waymo is partnering with the Phoenix area’s regional public transportation authority, to explore mobility solutions that use self-driving technology to connect travelers with existing buses and light rail.

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Logging is the latest ground transportation industry to start adapting autonomous driving (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-07 - ZDNet)

Einride, a Swedish start-up has unveiled an all-electric, driverless logging truck. Logging has the single highest industry fatality rate in America, and is one of the most dangerous industries internationally. The logging truck prototype has a range of about 120 miles on one charge, and can travel about 50 mph fully loaded.

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Rolls-Royce plans to create a flying taxi (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-07 - TechRadar)

Rolls-Royce plans to create an ‘electric vertical take-off and landing’ flying taxi that could carry 4-5 passengers at speeds up to 250 mph for about 500 miles.

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Self-driving grocery delivery car will sacrifice itself to save pedestrians (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-06 - Popular Science)

Autonomous car company Nuro has created a diminutive ‘bot that drives itself to deliver groceries to people’s homes – and it will avoid collisions with pedestrians even if that mean harming itself.

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Kroger to bring driverless cars to grocery delivery (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-06 - CNBC)

Kroger is partnering with autonomous car company Nuro to introduce driverless cars to its grocery delivery. – one of several investments in expanding its digital and online delivery business. ‘Last mile delivery’ is one of the hardest feats in the delivery of fresh food.

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Self-driving shuttles hit Detroit streets (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-06 - Detroit Free Press)

Self-driving shuttles begin service June 27, 2018 in downtown Detroit, carrying Bedrock employees among the company’s offices, parking lots and other destinations. It’s the first commercial use of self-driving shuttles on public streets in the United States, according to May Mobility and Bedrock. The five six-seat electric shuttles will have human attendants to monitor the vehicles and explain the service to passengers.

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How AI, VR and AR will change how you vacation (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-05 - Big Think)

Virtual Reality (VR) is changing travel. There are 360-degree cameras, capturing absolutely everything, and producing photos and videos that a visitor can immerse themselves in. VR helps consumers ‘try before you buy.’ Destinations compete with resorts and other destinations that are providing potential customers with in-depth, immersive looks into what it’s like to stay there.

Show full article

Target uses AR for makeup shopping on-line and in stores (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-05 - TechRepublic)

On Wednesday, Target rolled out augmented reality (AR) and digital chat services to help customers more easily shop for cosmetics online and in stores. customers can virtually try on hundreds of makeup items, including lipstick, blush, and false lashes. This mirrors services offered by beayty giant Sephora.

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Waymo to add 62,000 more Chrysler minivans to self-driving car fleet (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-05 - ZDNet)

Waymo is adding up to 62,000 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans to its self-driving fleet, and its self-driving technology may be added to all Fiat Chrysler cars.

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China gets its first driverless street sweeper (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-05 - Euronews)

Two driverless street sweepers are being used in an industrial park in Shanghai, cleaning the park in less than 20 minutes, They use radar sensors and AI to avoid obstacles, pass through traffic lights and park at designated spots.

Show full article

Driverless trains coming to Thailand (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-05 - People's Daily Online)

PBTS, a joint venture between Canada’s Bombardier Transportation and China Railway Rolling Stock Corp, recently got the contract to supply two driverless straddle monorail trains to Bangkok, Thailand.

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Self-driving shuttles to make employee travel more efficient (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-05 - TechRepublic)

Apple is working with Volkswagen on a self-driving van that will be used as an employee shuttle. Self-driving shuttles are already used at the University of Michigan and in Las Vegas. For large businesses, they could make employee travel more efficient than taxis or public transportation.

Show full article

You can catch a self-driving Waymo taxi in 2019 - if you're traveling to Phoenix (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-05 - TechRepublic)

Waymo’s self-driving car service will begin operations by the end of 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. People will download an app to secure rides on autonomous vehicles. Waymo has been operating autonomous vehicles on Phoenix roads since October 2017. Their sensors provide 360-degree views, and lasers see objects in 3 dimensions, up to 300 meters away. Waymo cars have driven over 6 million miles on the road and 5 billion miles through simulations.

Show full article

A close look at uberAIR, a ridesharing network for the sky (AI/Flying Taxis - 2018-05 - TechCrunch)

Uber’s flying taxis present new ways to shorten trips made long by distance or traffic congestion. Uber plans to start testing air taxis in 2020 with start-up in 2023. uberAIR will offer aerial electric ride-hailing and other air transport services, which will be cheaper than car ownership on a per-passenger, per-mile basis, as well as eventually autonomous. Partnerships are being developed with cities for testing, 70+ companies to provide eVTOLs, skyports, and batteries, and the FAA and NASA for ar traffic control.

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A new MIT project could bring driverless cars to rural roads (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-05 - Futurism)

A new system, ‘Maplite’, developed by researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory will let autonomous vehicles navigate unmapped roads, relying on a combination of GPS data and sensors.

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California to legalize robot taxis (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-04 - TechRepublic)

The California Public Utilities Commission issued a proposal that would allow self-driving car companies to taxi passengers without a human driver present. The rise of autonomous vehicles could lower the cost of business travel for road warriors, and change the automobile industry forever.

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Driverless cars can operate in California as early as April 2018 (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-02 - Recode)

Driverless cars will begin operating on California roads as early as April under regulations that were passed in February 2018 by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Driverless cars being tested on public roads must have a remote operator monitoring the car, ready to take over as needed. That remote operator must be able to communicate with law enforcement as well as the passengers in the event of an accident. Companies like Phantom Auto aim to be the remote safety driver for autonomous cars. In the short term, Currently, 50 companies have received permits to test self-driving vehicles with a safety driver behind the wheel.




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73 implications of driverless cars and trucks (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-02 -

The 73 implications which are starting to occur now, include the impact on how we travel and car ownership; The demise of most of the current automobile manufacturers, and of the internal combustion engine support infrastructure; Positive changes to city life; Changes to government services and taxation; and more.

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New autonomous pods move in swarms to improve public transportation (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-02 - TechRepublic)

Next Transportation, launched in Dubai in February, uses swarming pods that connect and disconnect while transporting passengers, organizing riders based on upcoming stops. Each pod holds 10 people. When connected, the pods’ interior spaces are combined. Passengers are reassigned from pod to pod based on their end destination. The pods can also operate as a single car.

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Ford's self-driving cars to become Miami's new pizza delivery guy (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-02 - ZDNet)

Ford has not taken the route of rivals, including Google’s Waymo and General Motors, who are focusing on developing proprietary fleets of autonomous vehicles but has instead pushed for partnerships. Ford said that a pilot program has been launched in Miami with pizza maker Domino’s. Grocery delivery startup Postmates will be joining the roster in March. Ford and Lyft are already working together on software which will allow the Lyft app to communicate with Ford’s self-driving platform.

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Nuro’s self-driving vehicle is a grocery-getter and errand-runner (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-01 - TechCrunch)

The California start-up, Nuro, is planning a small, narrow box on wheels (half as wide as a )car, designed to be a lightweight way to get goods from a local business to a customer, or from one person to another within a neighborhood or city.

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Autonomous freight barges to debut in August, 2018 (AI/Autonomous Vehicles - 2018-01 - Futurism)

Five autonomous barges, built by Dutch company Port-Liner, will connect the ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam in August. The vessel is powered solely by a set of 6 meters (20 ft) long batteries, charged using carbon-free energy, and, while designed to run completely autonomously, will initially be manned. The barges will help replace 23,000 freight trucks.

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