Helping you choose your next (or first) job, while protecting you from the impact of technology on the world of work


My Story

I was hooked on computers the day that an electrical engineering professor at Salford University demonstrated how to add two numbers using light bulbs and switches. During my engineering degree at Cambridge, I only had one term learning to program, which led me to immigrate to Canada and become part of the first cohort of Masters of Computer Science at UBC. Computers and the technology using them have changed ‘a bit’ since I graduated in 1969, but my fascination and involvement with technology hasn’t.

Nearly 50 years of diverse Canadian business consulting in a variety of fields and many industries cannot easily be summarized. Here are some highlights: Designing, programming, and marketing an accounting system for the construction industry; Consulting in computer and software system acquisitions at a major national firm; Spending 20 years explaining the technological advances at small software development companies so that they could get government grants. I’ve also led a successful business turnaround for an about-to-be-bankrupt business in the lighting industry; Helped over 100 professionals and managers, who’d lost their jobs, to re-focus their careers and find new employment; Kept the accounting records for many small businesses; Led an HR software development project that ended up bankrupt (a humbling and great learning experience).

As part of my ongoing contribution to society, I’ve volunteered to help set up and run: Ethnic, professional, and alumnus organizations; Government and university committees – and even a recovery home for female alcoholics. I also continue to be a guest speaker, teacher, and mentor.

And now I am helping people cope with the accelerating impact  of technology on the world of work  – helping both those starting out, and those contemplating a mid-career change. There is wisdom in the saying “good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement” – and, as my story shows, I have gained a lot of experience!

I’m not alone in this TechImpact business venture, having the support of my business partner, Ron Dragushan, and other advisors and independent contractors – but I am the ‘face’ that you will see.

My Values and Beliefs

I love to meet new people, and always try to reflect my personal mantra of ACCEPT and RESPECT. That means accepting people for who they are and where they’re at, and respecting their beliefs and values. (Acceptance is relatively easy, but respecting people with very different beliefs and values from my own can be a struggle!)

The values I try to live by are best represented by the acronym FIGHTERS:


Not only accepting people for who they are, but accepting change in life circumstances (including of course the intrusion of technology).


My integrity is an essential part of my being. I represent myself by my actions, not just my words..


I want to make all my personal and business interactions beneficial to everyone involved.


I’ve learned to be honest with myself, and open and honest with everyone I meet, which I believe earns me their trust.


I’ve no wish to be independent, but inter-dependent. We are all an integrated part of the world we live in.


I try to maintain a positive attitude about everyone I meet, and actively look for ways to compliment them.


Every individual has significant worth, and warrants my respect, irrespective of their values and beliefs.


My life has been about helping other people and other businesses. I’ve always wanted to live a life of service.



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